On December 5, 2005 The law was amended to allow for couples of the same sex to honour their love and commitment for one another with a beautiful Civil Partnership. This is called
"The Civil Partnership Act"

Nicky has been privileged to sing at many of these wonderful ceremonies throughout the UK.

As with any Civil Ceremony, most venues and Registrars are very accommodating with any choices of music however it is respectful to obtain permission from the Registrars before your committing to a particular song or piece of music.

 Music with any religious connotation is forbidden during the Ceremony of the Civil Partnership.  Nicky has taken special care when choosing the songs she offers for Civil Weddings, and you can click here to view and listen to recommended songs.


During the Ceremony
Civil Services/Partnerships  usually take 15 to 20 minutes - One or two songs can be added into the ceremony to both enhance and add sentiment to the occasion. With music you can really make your commitment to each other personal and extend the service, after all you may only ever intend to do this once !

Nicky can also sing upon your entrance or as you exit your venue.





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